Will the nternet bubble come this summer after a lapse of fifteen years

original title: fifteen years, when will the bubble come again,


, Google, Amazon and Facebook released earnings, the NASDAQ index broke through 5048 points, creating a new high since the Internet bubble burst in 2000. When you read this article, the NASDAQ is moving in 5200.

the end of last month, the Dow Jones WSJ quoted data, the 1 quarter of 2015 total investment risk America reached $15 billion 700 million, creating a new high since 2000. If in accordance with the previous rules of capital market, the fourth quarter investment is generally higher than the first quarter of about 30%, then the fourth quarter of American risk investment this year has a chance to make more than the historical peak in the fourth quarter of 2000: $19 billion 700 million.

for this generation of entrepreneurs, dot-com bubble (Internet bubble) is a bit too far away, as far as never happened.


, God, Save, the, Queen


the Internet bubble of the year, whether the ViaWeb sold for $50 million in advance ashore Paul Graham or PayPal Mafia, to get the financing before winter, has become the field of venture capital and icon legend.

even once in the Internet bubble in the ruin of people, such as Mary Meeker, Henry Blodget and Quattrone WSJ, they think a sense is made of the Internet bubble, now has regained a reputation, and once again being sought.

on the second Thursday of December last year, the Internet queen Mary Meeker appeared at the NYSE, celebrating the Lending Club on the first day of IPO, up 56%. In 2012, she led KPCB’s investment in Lending Club and entered the board.

Henry Blodget SEC today in 2003, issuing fraudulent charges to implement the analysis report. Goldman, Merrill and Citigroup, which he served before, were fined $875 million for misleading investors. After $4 million in compensation, he was permanently expelled from the stock brokerage and investment analysis industry.

now he again appeared on the TV screen, and Bezos laughing. Amazon was his red hand in front of the dotcom bubble, and when he was forced to leave Wall Street to start Business Insider, Bezos pulled him in the opposite direction.


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