UGC community product line 1 how does content flow

(core clew) regards content as fragmentary information composition, namely content flow problem, it is the construction of information flow system actually.

previously wrote the UGC community product line 1: the handling of illegal content and the UGC community product line 2: how to let users create content?. This time, talk about how the content flows.


the first essay, how the content flow, a change in the direction of thinking, that is how you received information. Taking content as a fragmented information component, that is, the content flow problem, is actually the construction of information flow system. Then, from the construction of the three systems, to spy on how the content of the flow of secrets.

hierarchy of concerns

‘s first contact with the community is Kang Sheng produced Discuz! Forum, users only through active participation in the post interaction, you will pay attention to the post pollination by default, and then send the relevant updates through the message system to inform the post with you.


DZ forum has not yet shown the attention system, and all the participating posts, and then received updates, are pushed through the default record of the background. In this period, the DZ Forum’s system is the post (post, post, post, top post, etc.), that is, a layer of attention system.

Baidu knows through user concerns, classification, keywords and questions asked, and then in the user’s personal home page received dynamic information from these three aspects, that is, the two tier concern system. (Note: attention to classification and keywords, but the scope is different, in fact, is still a keyword type of concern system)

know that before August 2012 revision, through the user concerned about topics, problems, people, and then in the user’s personal home page received dynamic information from these three aspects, that is, the three tier concern system.

more attention to the design of the system, it is indeed more conducive to the flow of content. But users receive all the information through their personal home page, resulting in increased cost of information consumption, shouting, sad reminders and irritability. The solution is to reset the multi tier concern system, which is the highest weight on the personal home page, and other low weight displays through other portals.

The weight of the

depends on the magnitude of the impact of a layer of attention system on the value orientation of the content. For example, about August 2012 revision, in the personal home page shows the attention of information dynamics, topics are displayed through the topic list aggregation page. Because the content brought by people concerned about the problem of value is greater than the content through the topic to bring value to the information source of smaller grains, lower noise, more value.

product form: personal home page, channel aggregation, messaging systems,

design principle: in the process of designing a system of attention, it is necessary to find more or more connections with your product

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