Website move plan careful examination let you move worry free

webmaster’s hard work, I am just after a day and a half to complete the site moving work, has been the tedious work of nerves break down, so take the time to write articles, and share the experience of the relocation site.

many webmasters may say, site relocation does also difficult? Of course, for the novice relocation is the trouble of the old station is a large amount of data and file relocation is absolutely not easy, now let’s take a look at the website and pay attention to the problem of relocation should follow.

1: we should be ready for the site,

1: planning is the first step in the relocation of the site


plan is the first step in the relocation site, because the server involves environment, database, security and other factors in many aspects, so according to their website needs, planning to build a good server, such as PHP,.NET, MYSQL, MSSQL and pseudo static, avoid the site moved to the new server because they need to install the configuration environment do not support, this is a waste of energy, and prolong the site can not access time.

2: backup the latest database and all programs


site relocation most afraid of? The most afraid of is not the database backup, or page loss, especially the loss of the database for many webmaster is simply a disaster, so careful preparation is essential, not because of momentary careless data loss, some website many webmaster, it is particularly important to carefully.

3: check whether the IP addresses have been penalized

Because the

to replace the server, IP has changed, we should pay attention to whether the IP address has been punished, especially for BEIAN reasons, many webmaster website will relocate abroad, many of them have been punished even by the K of the IP, so in their own station relocation in the past, the best test work, see the search engine is normal, check penalties.

two: problems should be paid attention to in website relocation

1: don’t make the old space expire, move

right away

to change the IP address for a spider web site after a certain period of adjustment, at the same time, the spider will continue to crawl the old IP address, so we try to do the site after the relocation within a certain period of time can continue to access the original IP address, not in the original IP expires tomorrow today began to move, so the search engine friendly.

2: do a good job of domain name resolution

domain is everyone will do, but to say here is not the domain name used to say, in order to make more excellent ranking of your site, many webmaster will not bring WWW to do 301, or other domain name made 301 jumps to the existing domain name, it is good to do 301 other work, to avoid the 301 failure, causing the site to row.

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