Stationmaster Lao Zhang build a website with hope hold dream to do education


, the most demanding group in the world, is often the least loving and often the most opinionated."

"the world’s not about things, often is often produced by arbitrary."

the name of this group is called "parents". The name of this group is education, how many children are there, and how many parents are there; how many failed education, and how many failed parents. These words are not for grandstanding or for alarmist talk. Is really an education, to our social education present situation helpless sigh with emotion. It is for these reasons that the "Hope Education Forum", an open educational community, has been established. The webmaster of this website has a network name called Lao Zhang. We invite him to our interactive space with curiosity. Let’s decrypt the scene together: how does the teacher do the website?



Lao Zhang and his hope Education Forum

open source plug-in: Good evening, everyone. I’m glad to see that the old and new friends in the group are still staying in the interview group and participating in our interaction today. October 1, 2009 will usher in the motherland 60 years anniversary, this open-source network wishes to the motherland more rich, strong and prosperous development of the Internet is more and better, of course, wish the webmaster time also can get better


country is developing rich, strong and prosperous, of which the construction of the motherland in the future successor. "Long term, education oriented" education is the foundation of economic construction, education is the carrier of the first productivity. This interview is different from the past. The guest we invited is the webmaster of the hope Education Forum. We can call him "Lao Zhang" kindly. Today, Lao Zhang will tell us the story of him and the hope education forum.

the interview is about to begin, we remind you to keep warm and quiet, thank you! Please don’t ask questions, such as the end of the interview special time can be bombarded Zhang, ha ha.

open source plug-in network: Lao Zhang, hello. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy work and coming to the interview group to interact with you, and give a strong support to our story collection. According to our usual practice, please introduce yourself briefly and introduce your website briefly.

Lao Zhang: Hello, good friends,

I am an ordinary secondary school teachers, because of the long-term commitment to family education and adolescent education, are often called some media and the organization of education experts, although this is quite shocking, but in a variety of educational activities, I am fairly welcome by parents and students.

my website is called the "Hope Education Forum", which focuses on primary and secondary school, family education and school moral education

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