Sad the website that oneself uses lifelong effort to make incredibly by K

‘s website, which he used to make with his whole life, was K,

unfortunately, IP plummeted and looked at the small amount of the day.

I lost the courage to go on, but every time I went behind the water, Admin5 made it.

immediately strengthened his belief to go on, so I plucked up my courage and immediately went into battle,

is now using his whole life to make a website

: I hope everyone to register, improve website popularity, to support national construction ^_^


and QQ995318363 as friends, send instant message to the HOME to be tied to your QQ

The multiple

something interesting ^_^

best put your photos up, write a few interesting post

can do a few steps, count the steps, we have to support ah, non-toxic, sterile, manual hair of their own very hard ah, we have to look carefully,

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