Webmaster what kind of research do you have on forums

I’ve been thinking about a few issues over the past few months. Some of these problems seem to have answers, and some seem to have no answer; I found that by now, if I didn’t get my thinking clues a little bit out and we discuss, it is difficult for me to have this complex topic and a meaningful logic.

Internet began to enter the Web2.0 era, more and more Internet web services rely on the contribution and communication of users. When a forum or community, or the new community web service when facing the problems in the development, we need to think about some problems, builders and operators of many of these problems of the forum will encounter, seemed to be in addition to the ultra sixth sense "with experienced administrators intuition, we do not know we should how to develop, the setting and management of a forum, do not know if we do some settings on the forum, so these settings where the truth……


begins to study this topic, let’s first unify the meanings of two nouns: "forum" and "community."".

forum, community are how to define? What’s the difference? Or is it? – in fact, in the online search can be found in one of the two words did not distinguish between rational. Emotionally, it is generally believed that the function is single, only posting replies, is similar to the original BBS (Bulletin Board System) is called the "forum", and added some information outside the entertainment function, called "community".

in 00 hair seems, the community is the forum, that is, BBS. In order to avoid confusion, I will only say "forums" in future discussions".

1, what is the forum,

?The basic function of the

forum is BBS – Bulletin, Board, System – electronic bulletin board system. Users can link and post content (text, pictures, etc.). Yes, let users post, replies, is the most basic attributes of all forums. In fact, in the so-called Web2.0 era, the user’s basic information input device or computer keyboard, therefore, most of the Web2.0 website forum has property forum, is a basic service known as Web2.0 services at present. So, if you don’t know what a forum is, or you don’t know how to do a good forum, don’t talk too much about what innovative services you can use to build a new Web2.0 service.

2, how does the forum crowd?

a, people voluntarily access Forums – loyal old users;

B produces a large amount of what people need, and by the people’s search behavior, the search engine gathers the crowd (new users who accidentally enter);

but generally for second, most forum owners still want them

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