Reveal the advantages of registering domain names in ResellerClub

ResellerClub in the Chinese market for some time, they launched Chinese station, 400 customer service phone number for domestic friends is very practical, moreover, ResellerClub can not regularly launch promotional activities, to a certain extent, led to the domestic sale agent


to know ResellerClub is not a friend, may ask, since in them where the domain name registration, then registered in the domain name, they have what advantage! According to their official information, sort out some of the content, for your reference.


1, domain name transfer, can be modified online, no need to submit any written materials, this is more like the business of domestic domain name domain name transfer trouble unbearable, submit an application for change of registration, waiting for the audit, more often, they don’t give you a transfer, let you in to go out.

2, DNS services (including URL forwarding) to provide free and immediate effect, the number of records is sufficient, they provide free and effective URL forwarding compared quickly, while domestic for some reason can not be URL forwarding, even for forwarding, but also to open the so-called value-added services, as well as ResellerClub to facilitate.

3, whois privacy protection free, can display the neutral whois information, Whois information for the many people should know that in many domains where business charges are necessary, even where the world’s largest domain name provider GoDaddy, it is also the need to charge, and no charge Resellerclub system very people praise.

4 Resellerclub, giving up to 15 free mailbox Chinese enterprise post office, post office business is very important for many individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises, they provide the Chinese enterprise post office basically meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, to a certain extent cost savings.

5, domain name free turn into the roll out, the domestic domain transferred and transferring, are restricted and unrestricted can not, in order to transfer a code to the domain name, estimated it does not put you toss a half dead, is not for you, but the name of freedom for minon is out of ResellerClub very user-friendly.

ResellerClub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, has branches in Chinese, America, Australia and India, the existing more than 50000 service agencies, more than 236 countries and regions at home, the domain name registered by agents of more than 2000000, has become the largest Asian domain name ownership registration business, their advantage is brand assurance.

in addition to these domain name registration advantages, Reseller>

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