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since 1990s, Chinese internet grow at an alarming pace, with continuously decreasing access threshold, and software usability enhancement, the Internet has enjoyed from once the high-end, as ordinary entertainment; at the same time, the website construction from the year elite dinner, into the common people’s home a. Big and small websites are springing up like mushrooms. However, after the baptism of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the market leader, can obtain the expected benefits of a handful of. In this process, the importance of website management emerges. The misunderstanding of web business as a lesson, become an important topic to be studied.

The importance of

1 website management and the significance of studying website management mistakes

Overview of the basic process of

1.1 website management

site management generally has two kinds of meanings of narrow and broad, narrow business included only on the site after the establishment of commercial activities, and the generalized website business includes from the site planning stage, construction stage and all commercial activities. This article will discuss the broad sense of website management.

generally speaking, the process of website operation is divided into the following parts.

first, planning stage,

The main task of the

planning stage is, according to the market situation, as well as the goal of website construction, a detailed analysis of the system, including market demand, feasibility analysis of website construction, financing, flow, and group oriented website, website content, operation organization structure of the site, set up a set of mature and complete website construction plan, and after repeated and careful argumentation, and then submit the next step implementation.

second, site construction phase,

site construction phase of the main tasks is to develop, according to the planning stage of the plan, to build the website framework (including website site determined, using the technology of the program selected), construction of hardware and software facilities, site preparation, site content adding.

third, site operation phase

after the process of preparing for a period of time, the site will advance to the operation stage, at this stage, the capital operation, market strategy change of the marketing plan, constantly making and revising, daily management has become the main business website. This stage will fully test the team’s ability to grasp the market, marketing capabilities, resilience, team spirit and leadership management capabilities.

The importance of

1.2 website management

in a commercial extremely competitive era, a commercial project if you want to achieve the expected even more than expected profit, must have its own a complete set of mature and even unique business methods.

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