Technical AdSense for the first time shot

wrote a previous, technical type of webmaster, please be more patient, welcomed by a lot of friends. Recently I have made a new station, spare no effort to catch up,, net fast, again please give suggestions.

last time that article is for advertising, but also my first soft Wen, and after the event, I’m not updating


station, has been for several months, the results of a few days ago, suddenly looked at the statistics, even to 3 PR, the flow of dozens, which greatly aroused my interest in the station do, and then began to update 10 articles every day, and every day is Baidu included some time, so until more than 500 Baidu included, suddenly at the end of May, the day before yesterday, Baidu suddenly included 1, this makes me very confused, is this is the legendary hair? Please advice.

at the same time, these 2 days to do a new station, used to do the station has been in order to deal with things, with Dede do, I have been some research on Dede, so do any station feel that using Dede enough. Recently, however, Dede was abandoned and no other CMS program was used as a station. So I developed it myself.


station is just finished this morning on the line, then Baidu, Baidu has been received, really makes me confused, I do not advertise the station, do not have other links in the station, how was Baidu included


also please advise

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