The webmaster do not get lost in the sea

we do website, in addition to your insistence, but also grasp the direction.

is common, someone has done a website, another website, this mountain sees that mountain high, but still can not have a successful website to produce at all. If there is no blame money, money and how etang is burn money? Now even etang domain name cannot renew; if it was not money, that no money hao123 how successful? To do in the station, to do it. In the "Internet winter" era, how many Internet heroes, small heroes fell; persist, and now how many webmaster ushered in the Internet in the spring?. Some old stations, we still see, they are shining brightly.

in addition to adhere to, not discouraged, but also to grasp the direction.

webmaster, see web site today, put all the energy used in the construction site on the class; a few days later, download website and see, put all the energy in the download station; after a while, found the station to make money, and to do the station. This toss over the webmaster, not a few.

never succeeds without persistence.

stationmaster cannot three days fishing, two days bask in a net. Persistence is a kind of strength, persistence is a kind of spirit, persistence is a kind of faith.

is to insist on doing a station, but also to hold the direction, do not casually change the website management ideas, business philosophy.

, for my example. I once opened a shopping station, in order to open this shopping station, it took me half a year to learn the code, and constantly improved, and finally succeeded in compiling. This website, the technology from immature to mature, my ASP technology has improved a lot, but the site management has been delayed. This is the site in advance did not grasp the direction. Instead of spending so much time and energy on developing a website, it’s better to find someone to do it. Think about it, too, their own efforts to spend these energies, time, is not the cost of it? Even if a one thousand yuan salary reward yourself, this six months there are 6000 yuan, I might as well get 3000 yuan to ask people to do a boutique stand. After the success, began filing, landing search engines, promotion, SEO, and constantly optimize. In this process, countless time and energy have been spent on publicity and promotion. All day thinking about how to write a good soft Wen cause a sensation, how to let Baidu included more, how to improve the PR value of Google, how to do with the good web site outside the chain?. This is the middle of the site did not grasp the direction.

it’s been a whole six months, and I’m learning SEO, not so much as I’m running my shopping station. The site is not perfect, but learned a lot of SEO technology. It’s better to hire someone to do SEO than to spend so much time and energy trying to optimize it. Think about it, too, the energy and time you spend on yourself is not the cost. Even if a one thousand yuan salary reward yourself, there are 6000 yuan in the six months, so I’d better take 3000 yuan for specialization

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