Taobao zern off contest broadcast the glorious contest ended three final outcome

"Wow"…… Wow…… Wow……" 2011 · zern; world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion competition second monthly tournament has been completed in 21, this also means that the contest has come to the end. In addition to this month as everyone knows "a situation of tripartite confrontation" situation, there are also some new Taobao guest friends coming, little of course not the course with deadly rush of friends, your achievements, we are obvious to people.

"Yu Qingping 2" in the big three have been ups and downs the biggest one, "big pressure" situation finally resorted to take 9 single exhaust all the skills, in the last week, to taste "champion" taste, but also to shake the top two in the overall ranking, 9 single achievement is not enough. This week, "Taobao alliance VIP media" and "luffi520" with 7 single, if not unexpected, "Taobao alliance VIP media" in this month’s relentless performance, picked the first two months of the championship should be no suspense. On a monthly king "luffi520" in this month can only be met "Knowledge is infinite.", Qu Judi two, personal performance is quite good.

the other players, the first on the list of "wangdegang1977" day to take 6 pen, impressive! "The wise see", "white" and "pjshop" is a single day 3 pen good results, they are "strong competitors leap Progress Award".

The first Taobao

zern guest promotion contest, organizers will conduct a comprehensive and fair performance audit, the ultimate result (monthly award and final award) will be announced next week at the same time! We will announce an exciting news for those who just joined Taobao en CE guest family friends, show the big stage of self will continue to


winter high help new gorgeous appearance

High new carnival season

zern recently held "( has a large number of customer’s attention, the new on-line [] to help the Vikings high series of both the shape and quality have very good reputation


[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(the following invited professional judges "our policy Mr." published the final words from the bottom of the heart ~ ~)

1, first of all to thank Admin5 for the Taobao Adsense nets zern shoes contest support, thanks to the dream of Miss Jiang’s hard work, thanks to the trust and support of the majority of the webmaster zern Tao;

2, in the competition process, we found that many owners in addition to the promotion of SEO techniques also used many kinds of other promotion methods, such as: micro-blog and forum, we believe that each method when you use the acme will bring amazing results. Many webmaster all know Baidu Taobao to Amoy passenger interface is always less friendly to the contest, second months previously in the Baidu ranking is >

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