New station external links notes and key analysis

, a new web site, has 4 key points: site templates, web content, site domain names, and external links to the site. Here, I’ll talk about the external links of a new website. The new site’s external links should be formally launched on the site, that is, you can access and start doing, then, those who should pay attention to those who should pay attention to?

The new

web site for external links is mainly aimed at the search engine, the website of the external links to your site like canals, drains open more channels more open, flowing into the water (spiders) are more and more, the situation will be better search. But the key problem is how to get more better channels? I recently used special love polymerization polymerization system built a new station, the content of this site I don’t worry about it, because love polymerization process can be automatically aggregated content according to a special name, and I now have to consider is the external link, that is how to boiling water canal problem. The so-called SEO, in fact, these years, my experience is a: external links, is the SEO kingly way.

access to the chain of many methods, summed up mainly:

1. writing articles. It is soft, commonly known as the Admin5, but many webmaster in writing is a purpose, hope my article can be reproduced more, because reproduced a place meant the chain has a good effect. Write some. What is not wrong, we write down their own experience their lessons, available to everyone, of course, these things to the webmaster in the process of site can avoid detours, can quickly learn something.

2 website information inquiry. Now many webmaster tools, the use of pseudo static technology, you check your site information, there is a pseudo static page for you, and it also has your site external links, check every day, oh, the chain is not much? This station: Oh the effect is good.

3. site directory submission. Chinese site is a lot of, for new sites, the station may be more difficult, I find a few low station:, seek114, and many of these, I’ll give my new added, you can try. Wing


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