The mood story why should do the website

has done the station for several months, three months, I can say that these three months for me to be full of excitement, and now see my two stations visited thousands, for my first time to do the station rookie, really a sense of accomplishment.

why should I do stand, do a word, that is not clear, I majored in computer science, computer contact early, have long been surfing the Internet, see the myth staged, in his side often sigh, why not oneself, also see a huge space of the Internet for development. But always think to never move, always feel a no money no two technologies, it is difficult to develop in this line. So every day I was still sitting at a computer side of the spectators, sleep, work, always feel every day in the wasted time, want to have their own business, but to think of come up with a lot of money into an unfamiliar industry, really do not feel at ease, but has always had a belief told myself, always do the things you love, this time to arrive in 2008, the network to become a part of our life Some think, do not stand a too high to be reached things, can we have our roots of heaven and earth, I suddenly feel the need to do a website, must be involved. So I began to prepare to do what kind of website, first I want to be a Wuhan local portal site, but I found that personal websites such as it is indeed difficult, no energy, no two funds, but also I was at work, this is my life, I can’t give up. No side friend is doing this, I can’t help, quickly give up.

someone asked me, you do stand to make money, or to really do stand, I think each of the last site we need to make money, no money website could not develop, can not survive, I also believe that a popular website must be making money. I finally decided to do the novel station and on the Wuhan Community Forum, first I of this great interest, and I personally have the ability to do both, really can feel like it is difficult to do, I had never done any website, all things will be to learn their own space, domain name, program, not easy to build up the website but no one visit was a dead stop by, so to promote, to learn SEO, learn to make pictures, every day from morning to night, but Baidu is still not close, traffic is not to want to give up. Indeed, every time I’ll see other webmaster experience, always feel that others line, why can’t I?.

I want to do not abandon, do not give up, also suitable for each site of the people. As long as we try to overcome difficulties. So I persisted. Although I stood still and my desire is far worse, but as long as I insist, will be better day by day.

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