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The promotion of

for a new, early work is more cumbersome, as a network promotion personnel must have the patience, because when a new station is completed, it is on the Internet do not have any position, need to go through a period of information promotion, make its information content over the Internet at this time, the site will be the major search engines to attention. Of course, you can also submit the application to the search engine first, but the premise must be consistent with the requirements of the search engine collection, which requires the site itself to optimize the structure.

I have been engaged in network promotion work for two or three years, and now I have some promotional experience to share with you. The promotion of a new station, if you can do the following, should be able to get an ideal ranking.

1, first of all, from the point of view of the website itself, I think a website with clear content and clear structure will make a good impression. There is also the speed of web page opening, if a page is placed too many pictures or Flash video ads, it will reduce the speed of the page display, so it will bring negative results.

2, content or module updates, new things are always welcome, including search engines, of course. The faster the site updates, the higher the exposure rate on the network and, of course, the traffic will increase accordingly.

, in 3 columns on the page should be targeted, and the actual content of Title navigation to match, the best able to place a Links and site map page navigation links on the home page, these are all important factors influence the search engine ranking.

4, page title tille and keyword keywords settings should be targeted, as simple as possible, the title should correspond to the content of the web page, each navigation page has a separate title. Keyword selection can be used on some pages and content related phrases or sentences, but not too broad, that is to say to do not select the general keywords, can not be too cold, it is best to find the most searched and least competitive keywords, which requires in-depth analysis and market your investigation. Such keywords are the most efficient.

5, in addition to search engines, the number of external links to a website will also directly affect the flow of the site. Therefore, the website obtains more external links, also is increases the website flow to be an important method. Specific operations, and some blogs, forums, e-commerce platform, or the same type of enterprise or portal website to establish an exchange link, so that the website’s information sources have been further broadened.

a website promotion success or not, the most important ruler is to see the site brings traffic size, search engine included pages and keywords ranking. Network promotion is a long-term work, any want to rapidly improve the ranking in the short term is unrealistic, need to step by step accumulation, grasp more conducive to website promotion >

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