On the popularization and profit making of novel websites

my novel stands for nine days. The book house (www.9daybook.com) has recently been revised, and more and more people are looking at it. It is gratifying to see the growth of IP every day. It shows that the way I revised it is quite right. Here is my summary of this half a month, I hope we can communicate with you.

good websites need people to visit, but the traffic of the website is also the most headache problem for the webmaster. But here I’m referring mainly to search engines, and BAIDU and GOOGLE are the first choice for webmasters. After submission, GG will soon be included in the station, included in the number of pages will continue to increase, traffic will soon upgrade up, although often updated Baidu, but still only included home page.

do stand very hard, if you want to get the favour of spiders, must be updated every day some of the original or false original article, remember some time ago the Ministry website of the rectification period, several websites have been shut down because I take some adult jokes, I worked hard for a year of achievements so huifeiyanmie.

website "profit" ranked second, superficial and everyone knows that I did not say, this is adding their own creative, classified information website and store "profit" us too well, but by how to show it, you need to consider. For example, globeles.com is also a forum website advertising revenue, but it make the psychological grasp the more accurate, and more in line with the current "Taobao" this topic, to this website if you are female, is most likely to pay attention to these promotion underwear, men of this piece of general Les are interested in, return rate is relatively high, Baidu alliance, female themed ads will also be more likely to click on, this is a combination of specific groups of psychology to decide, this is Not in which site to do publicity, since you as an ordinary webmaster, there is not too much economic strength to challenge Sina, or Yahoo, that can only more challenge their own way of thinking.

another personal profit website, to understand the webmaster you will be inspired, they are very highly qualified individuals, this phenomenon is particularly reflected in the comprehensive quality, they may not be proficient in one piece, but they each have a good understanding, from site planning, development and operation maintain and upgrade, have mature thoughts, rather they have a thought of sustainable development, and constantly around them every step of the operation, but does not like many webmaster speculation too, with a view to commercial fishing sites, but also may be one that is fishing, on the development of personal career, regardless of experience, or the accumulation of funds is not much help, there is an old saying: "China water enrichment", or "long" Only sustained development is the fundamental pursuit of things, these are very helpful philosophy for our young webmaster, Chinese culture is broad and profound, if you are right

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