There are 5 kinds of websites that women want most and 3 are unexpected

in the online shop auction small entrepreneurs, men and women should be about the same, and even women in the majority, but the "site entrepreneur"? At present, obviously still male majority. I found that the few women entrepreneurs and friends are in top, and they have an advantage – men and women.


of male entrepreneurs, female users have been like a "mystery", although the female users accounted for a large part of global network population, but close female friends although "global network", but are light users’ network. It’s not easy to attract a new web site with a distinctive banner of innovation, and now many PK sites, movie uploads, photo albums sites…… Think about it. Many are even "careless" designed to be used by male users (you see, men and women on the seaside are photographed with their cameras, who will upload them?)

do they use push and push? Do they use FriendFeed? What’s the feeling of using them?

if she doesn’t understand women, the Internet only knows half of it.

Last week

and network veteran a meal for lunch, so I learned a lot, also learn Quantcast system with good. Last week I analyzed the top 100 websites listed by Quantcast. Unlike other places, Quantcast can tell you about the age, family name, education, and income levels of each web site caller. From this information, we can clearly see which sites are "more women", and "what kind of women are in use! If the downstairs snack told me that their female clients are more than male customers may not have what amazing! But, if a" websites "women more customers than male customers, said it hit a more difficult target, it is worth to study.

takes the list of Quantcast to analyze, and can find five kinds of websites, and women users are much more than male users. These five websites that are especially popular with women, and the last three are especially bad for me,


first, shoppping website: Shopping website is the most popular natural favorite female worms, the highest ranking is nineteenth (recent magazine also has a Target how to beat Wal-Mart, it is worth reading), monthly visitors not repeat 32 million people, female visitors than the general site more than 20% OverStock, a similar phenomenon, JCPenny is more powerful, women is almost two times that of men. Interestingly, ShopZilla like this "shopping" (comparison shopping), and almost as much, visible male not shopping, but love "comparison" and then open the wallet; and although women love shopping spree, but still go to buy, cold engine they have such a big price attract >

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