Talking about the daily work Specification Guide for enterprise website network editing

website editor, in short, refers to the use of relevant professional knowledge and computer and network and other modern information technology, engaged in the construction of Internet site content personnel, generally referred to as network editing. In broad sense, it also involves the operation, planning, special production, network promotion and website optimization of the website channel. In reality many people to network editor has some one-sided understanding, such as: the net work is simple "porters" labor is the tireless "ant" – Ctrl+CCtrl+V; network editor in addition to do content to do promotion, will understand the point of design, procedures and so on, it is a versatile talents.

This paper mainly talks about the

website editor is in the traditional enterprises to carry out the work of the personnel engaged in the content of the website network marketing work, in some ways they and the traditional network editor also has some differences, such as:

large portal requirement of the Octavia degree, timeliness, authority and so have the ability to grasp the higher ability of social media interview, focus on that network culture, good creative thinking;

and enterprise network is mainly responsible for the enterprise website content and promotion copy writing, implementation, the website sales force and communication power is responsible for. Generally speaking, the main responsibilities of enterprise website editor are:

· is responsible for regularly editing, updating and maintaining the website information content and products;

· responsible for the planning and implementation of the special website, columns, channels, can effectively integrate online products, with sales activities planning and execution driven scheme, so as to achieve the sales objective, timely put forward feasibility planning, design requirements report on the website channel;

· write publicity materials for websites, collect, study and deal with the opinions and feedback of network readers;

· channel management and column development plan to promote the popularity of website;

· outreach of company news activities and timely reporting and review of events; interviews with important events and people;

· quality control of the relevant content of each website to enhance the quality of website content;

· assist in network promotion, etc..

how does that become a qualified enterprise website editor? Individuals believe that at least the following basic qualities:

· solid writing and editing skills;

·, with solid marketing knowledge and rich practical experience, can effectively enhance the sales force and communication power of the website;

· familiar with the Internet, familiar with the network culture, with quick preparation and more ability to respond

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