Talk about how to share original writing methods

, a high quality website, must have high quality content, and the original article is indispensable as a representative of high quality content. As a webmaster, regularly updating your web site content is one of the main tasks of the day, and mastering the original method of writing can be done once and for all. When it comes to writing original article, that will make many webmaster some because bend the brows, writing in general, feel unable to start; some because of awareness of the industry is not deep, are not allowed to grasp the concept of many; of course, there is also because has written a lot of content, no sense of what can be written by the author SEO!… related work about two years, and experience in the original writing this little experience, so I write this article, I hope to help some of the original article writing this no idea webmaster friends.

first of all, for those who have written a lot of articles, feel no content to write webmaster friends, I have a little idea here, can share with you. My method is very simple, when I was in an industry for a long time, to operate a website for a long time, a lot of things in the industry have been feeling I write about, so I gradually to the original article from some industry news writing. As we all know, the industry news may happen at any time, and there are always updates on the Internet, so the industry news as the theme for the original article writing, will never let you feel no content to write. As for where to obtain the industry news source, if the industry news source for the two development, make it become the original article of its website, later have the opportunity to further explore.

second, for those writing ability general webmaster friend, I also have a method to share with you. If you pay attention, it is not difficult to find, there are many different vintages of e-books on the Internet, some of these books published earlier, there is a lot of content is not found on the Internet, just for us to make good use of, this is the method I use writing original articles frequently the. It’s important to note that if you’re not sure if the content in the book has the same version on the web, you can find one of those, and then Baidu search for the result. Specifically, how to change the content of your ebook into your original article, it’s up to you.

in the end, it’s not really a sharing of experience, because at the end of the writing I found out that I had only so many crooked ideas for your reference. If the last method well, all of us, a word out from his teeth, use their own thinking to organize a group into a fluent writing method of this article, the so-called real original articles. If you are on a contemptuous disregard of the two previous methods, it is recommended that you slowly develop their own organization of text, writing original articles, only to write a high quality original article, in order to attract the attention of users to the site, bring immeasurable flow.

all right, share this time, if you think my content is original for you

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