Wang Jianlin will sing Cui Jian rock old heart shocked friends

recently released the Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin will sing the fragments, Wang Jianlin open throat singing Cui Jian rock, led exclaimed. Did not think Wang Jianlin will sing rock graceful bearing.

1 17, the network spread three Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin singing video, allegedly, this is Wanda’s annual meeting, Wang Jianlin DEDECATES perform recording of the video, then upload to the network.

17, Wanda Group administrative micro-blog exposure Wang Jianlin performance video, video Wang Jianlin follow the rhythm stomp, typhoon sound quite a range of children, just a light voice to all the audience shocked. It is reported that Wang Jianlin likes to sing, the annual meeting will sing a few songs, has become an annual program to retain.

It is reported that

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