When is the best time for micro business to advertise

when it comes to the side of the micro business, and now many people are very disgusted, in addition to selling non-stop, circle of friends are always filled with a variety of advertising. In fact, no matter what the time window is very critical. As a derivative of us, in the promotion of good marketing advertising, clever way of promotion is the foundation, and the right of the media, find out the best time to share can make marketing multiplier effect. Today, we will learn from micro business friends in the best platform to share the best release time.

, the best time to share the release of different platforms:

1, WeChat circle of friends, QQ space:

a, 8 in the morning before the release: This is because everyone in the morning will open a circle of friends, QQ space to see, at the same time this time the release of relatively small, it will get a larger exposure;

b, 11:30 to 14:00 between noon release: people lunch break this time to see the circle of friends, QQ space, so this time to get a good view of the conference;

c, at 18 points to 22 points between: this time, is the highest peak in all play WeChat, this time, you can choose some more advertising, but not hard advertising, what is hard advertising, is a little bit of human hair are not exactly what kind of advertising, is a look at others do not look at advertising, immediately.

2, Sina, micro-blog: according to the chart below shows the kind of interactive online shopping on Thursday on Thursday: the user interaction the strongest enthusiasm for micro-blog’s online shopping is particularly high, may be affected by the coming weekend stimulation, so marketing activities as far as possible on Thursday after the release of the class. At the same time, 12 to 15 users are more concerned about the information released online shopping: lunch break is the time of the user’s work in the leisure time, more attention to online shopping information, so this time the best advertising effect on micro-blog.

3, vertical community: like female community baby tree, yet the vertical community, the community is using peak after 7 o’clock in the evening, so the other time can choose not to publish, the release time in the evening 7 points to 11 points.

two, the best time to buy and share activities release time

1, in connection with the advertising time: 2014 mobile shopping data show that mobile shopping users buying behavior occurs mainly in the week 1 to week 5 at 12 points to 14 points, at 18 points to 22 points and 8 points to 22 points Sunday night, so we released at these times advertising always bring shop link.

2, best activity release time >

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