Reasonable credit can store the cohesion of the people

once customers have credit, these accounts are unknown, it is likely to face problems of Tao Zhang very much. Because of this, now many shopkeepers are not customer credit. However, some retailers especially rural retailers, retail credit is impossible to avoid problems.

this is because there are many factors in rural areas, a consumer is mostly nearby residents, the other two is met itself; some rural consumers temporarily due to economic factors, there is not enough money to pay the purchase price; the three is some rural consumers have a habit of credit, they have money, but sometimes deliberately no payment. And so on. So for such households in the consumer retail credit? I think it should be reasonable credit, to unite the people.

Mei Town retail Lin Jinzhi, said: I shop this people smoke Hotel, the consumer object is the surrounding people, many of whom are my old acquaintances, old customers. I have also used the free time to visit some of the villagers found that the surrounding is not very rich, many families are working to earn money by going out to support their families. Some customer credit at the end of the year was also beginning to.

to tell the truth, at the beginning of the heart is also very happy. Because of a backlog of credit of their own business, is not conducive to the flow of funds, on the other hand it also relates to the credibility problem, credit the accounts in the end can recover the heart have no confidence. But if you do not trust the words of some customers will be lost. For business development, so I consider the reasonable credit, mainly to the high integrity of the customers I bold credit, I will pay the date of the integrity of the poor generally, this is also conducive to their own collection of their pressure.

in general, because of his clever, so many years have no bad debts, dead, instead of driving my business development. Some residents are full of confidence in me, that I speak good, considerate, will do business. After the publicity of these people, and now I shop to expand the scope of consumption of many people, there are more than and 10 kilometers apart! So a reasonable retail credit, also is a kind of actual customer performance, but also a means to achieve a win-win."

In fact,

credit is not avoidable for the operation of shops, if the owner refused to blindly, it is possible to make the store business development is a very big impact. So, if the owners can make reasonable credit, will undoubtedly be condensed in higher human development so as to let the shop, the business of the shop to get better.

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