What types of desserts division

do you like dessert? How many kinds of desserts do you have? Do you know what kind of dessert you like to eat? Do you know what are the benefits of eating dessert? Do not know if there is no relationship, the following Xiaobian for you to do specific:

can be divided into sweet dessert snacks and Cantonese style dessert syrup, mainly as a small food after a meal before the meal or leisure time, many types of desserts, let Xiaobian for everyone to share something about what kinds of desserts, dessert benefits is related to the content of what.

what kind of dessert?

Hong Kong dessert is the product of the combination of Chinese and Western sugar, after a number of evolution, including the representative of Yang Zhi dew. Hong Kong Style dessert variety, taste different, but by the locals, the most popular is the following: milk custard, Double-Layer Steamed Milk, Mango Sago, sweet dew etc..

desktop dessert adhering to the Taiwan traditional desserts and add their own innovation, Taiwan’s biggest feature is the kind of dessert, of warmth thick retro style, with materials such as grass jelly, taro, Tofu pudding… These small shops in the street It is quite common for food, not say how special, there is no special innovation, it is Taiwan enduring classic taste, so people will have a feeling of "recover the original simplicity.". Take the taro dessert dessert in the desktop, like the childhood memories, Western dessert bar and Chinese antique furniture, festive lanterns, advanced POS cashier system ordering equipment combination, known as "retro fashion".

plant dessert is a new concept, it combines the Hong Kong Style desserts and desktop dessert, fundamentally said innovation is not good enough, but in the selection of the raw material selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and plants all desserts without any chemical additives is worthy of praise. Stressed that the hand is done, now cook, now sell, do healthy dessert. At present, the most popular is: May tree pudding, ode to joy, vegetable cake, etc..

sugar (Cantonese desserts and Chaozhou Cantonese dessert) generally refers to the juice mainly mung bean, red bean porridge, sweet potato, ginkgo Yuba, egg lotus, sesame paste, walnut paste…… And so on; mainlander dessert refers to five fruit soup, Eight Delicacies Rice, almond tea, cake, frozen tofu…… Like Chaozhou, the soup, refers to the green beads work (month by the word to Yutang), pumpkin taro, sweet potato, glutinous rice porridge, mung bean, bean’s treasure, Qingxin pill, paste cooked ginkgo, red bean soup, bean soup, duck egg…… Wait。

What are the benefits of


is sweet, depression, relax when most people a ready-made panacea, treat yourself to love a little sweet, forget, forget, forget those who lose weight slimming good-looking but bengzhuo gorgeous body >

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