Xihu District Hangzhou signed 28 billion 900 million large single to promote innovation and Entrepr

There is a paradise under Jervois

. Hangzhou unique scenery, so has the advantages of both at home and abroad. In the new period of industrial restructuring and development, Hangzhou to increase investment in the cause of innovation and entrepreneurship support efforts to create a beautiful paradise outside Hangzhou entrepreneurial paradise.

30 projects, with a total investment of 28 billion 980 million yuan, yesterday, Xihu District signed this year’s investment in key projects, the largest single, and announced a total of 20 public entrepreneurship, innovation and high gold content policy.



Valley attract at least 10 thousand industry master

yunqi town with 9 projects

A single

the largest investment, from the Alibaba (Chinese) Co. Ltd. and West Lake’s education fund, investment 8 billion 900 million yuan, the development of cloud computing industry park project (first phase) and the Zhejiang Institute for advanced study in West Lake project. These two projects, respectively, the location of Xihu District Hangzhou Valley and yunqi town.


"Taoyuan dock, more than and 20 building, the future may be the most elegant Chinese fund company gathering, with industry + financial investment, big data, cross-border electricity, internet education industry foundation settled 10." Cerberus capital group partner Yao Liangyu said.

will be located in Xihu District, "Google cross-border electricity supplier in Zhejiang public service platform for enterprises to provide cross-border network marketing and technological innovation service.

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