What should be done after 80 entrepreneurs Handsome guy with 9 years time for the assets of the 10 m

lives in after 70 years has been married, now is the struggle 80 world, there are a lot of 80 pressure with the change of life is not only larger than thirty, are you still pondering the way, time is not a problem, you have to. There was such a person, he is the standard of 80, 9 years ago, is still working for others, but by 9 years later, he was wearing a T-shirt to be in the office at will, he is Luo Wenbo, chairman of the taste of bone, he warned 80 how entrepreneurial achievements, 80 men how to pursue tens of millions of assets for nearly 10 years.

How to

three or four years later, Luo Wenbo arrived in Xiamen. In Xiamen, the high streets and back lanes around the circle, Luo Wenbo found that Fujian love soup, but in Xiamen didn’t have a special soup restaurant.

80 how entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to Mozhun to

80 to let employees feel comfortable to meet business

in bone flavor, from the employee to the boss, not only the positions of different grades. Even the sweep of the aunt, to the company for three years, every year there is a chance to visit the country; over the past five years, you can also travel abroad.

80 to live in a small house rent after entrepreneurship be promoted step by step

> the 2005 Spring Festival, bone

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