Open buffet fruit ice cream shop can be prepared early

weather warming, cold drinks shop business has become better, and want to do ice cream business entrepreneurs are now ready to start early. Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular items in the summer. Although there are a variety of ice cream on the market, but in general the same, competitive advantage is not obvious, and fresh fruit ice cream with its special taste and rich nutritional value, make it unique.



1. natural security. Raw materials one hundred percent all natural, no artificial ingredients, does not contain any artificial additives.

2. low fat or fat free. Calories are only around 100 calories, while traditional ice cream has as many calories.

3. one person operation, saving a lot of labor costs.

4. patent ice cream intelligent machine, the production of an ice cream, the cost can be reduced by 60%.

fruit ice cream minimum investment of about 15 thousand and 800 yuan, including equipment investment, cash flow, space rental, etc.. The device comprises a DQJ7377 professional hard ice machine; Fresh Juice machine; multifunctional automatic sand ice machine; desktop electric fryer; tea special insulation insulation barrels; takeout package; Straw box.

also entrepreneurs need when pricing the product were determined according to the regional price and consumer market size, to ensure profitable. Because there are differences in the amount of investment is also different, so the price of ice cream is not the same. Tianjin Binhai area, for example, the price of an ice cream is 3 yuan, the cost of only $0.4, gross profit margins of about $0.26.

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