Shandong 2015 first Eagle plan entrepreneurial training camp ended

university innovation and entrepreneurship education is a step forward, the Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology holds the transformation of training camp, related training for students interested in entrepreneurship, to support its smooth career path, achieve career dreams.

"Eagle plan" entrepreneurial training camp is the Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology settled innovation base students start the project’s first phase of training, the special training camp consists of 127 college has a strong entrepreneurial intention of college students, a total of 6 days, divided into 3 stages. In the "entrepreneurial team – Simulated company" as the basic organizational form of the course, the students as the center, the main business plan for the business plan roadshow for the end of the class assessment form. Action oriented teaching is adopted, and the concept of "learning by doing" and "learning by mistake" is put forward, which is based on the practice teaching, the practical work, the actual training and the exchange of students. The content involves SIYB entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship sandbox, combat simulation and Entrepreneurship Program roadshow, a comprehensive simulation of the entrepreneurial process and business.

the "Eagle plan" entrepreneurial training camp all the instructor is from Weifang a large distinguished business mentor group, the director of the Private Economy Research Institute of Peking University, Shandong Office of Hongkong Zhi Yu extraordinary international education group director, trainer Ma mariteru bear the main teaching tasks. Participate in the entrepreneurial training camp students are selected by the Department of entrepreneurial elite. After evaluation, entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial venture, company registration, market analysis and positioning, start-up capital budget, marketing planning and sales management, financial management and financial training, entrepreneurship, business and other aspects of the actual sand table exercise training, the students gradually revealed in progress. The entrepreneurial training camp completed a total of 34 copies of the business plan, and have participated in the business plan project roadshow, involving e-commerce, logistics, environmental protection, electrical automation, network media, science and technology, education and training, custom clothing industry.

through training and learning, students’ understanding of the business becomes more and more clear, entrepreneurial beliefs are more firmly. We will take this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the cultivation of students’ awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, organized by a series of innovative entrepreneurial activities, creating a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.

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