nto GREE to seek the secret of their success

the growth of each brand, have been tested by the market and consumers. GREE to enter the market in-depth development, with its extraordinary market performance to the world to prove their success. Success belongs to them, and to us. Let us walk into GREE, to seek the secret of their success……

China on household air conditioning is to start from a window type air conditioner, refrigerator factory in Shanghai in 1965 successfully developed the first air conditioner in China, put into production in 1970, mainly for hospital use. Air conditioner for single-phase power supply in 1978. At that time, there was no uniform standard of the country or industry.

1990 years ago, China’s air conditioner market is a large part of imported products from Japan and the United states. For example, Zhuhai GREE electric appliance’s first air conditioner was started in 1991.

1990 years later, a large number of enterprises began to enter the foreign capital and advanced technology, joint ventures, wholly owned enterprises began to appear, the introduction of the entire period of China’s room air conditioner production achieved two >

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