What are the 2016 Hurun rich list of Jiangsu announced for you

in daily life, we all know that Wang Sicong is called the "national husband", this is the ideal object of financial. Yesterday, the 2016 Hurun rich list released, Wang Jianlin to become the richest man in 215 billion wealth. Treasure can become a well deserved big dark horse Yao Zhenhua, 115 billion of the wealth value rose more than last year, more than 8 times, ranked No. fourth. Over the past year, China’s rich wealth growth slowed down, there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached $2 billion and above, a total of Jiangsu’s top 188 billionaires, including Suzhou, Nanjing and were, respectively, 31 and 19.

treasure can be a big dark horse Yao Zhenhua

despite the slowdown in the growth rate of China’s rich wealth, there are 828 entrepreneurs wealth than last year, the average wealth of entrepreneurs on the list dropped from 7 billion 300 million to 7 billion 200 million, but the total number of people on the list than doubled over the past three years. 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family to become the richest man in China’s wealth of the third time 215 billion. In September this year, Wanda Commercial delisting from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, plans to re listed in A shares within two years.

Hoogewerf said: if the return of success, Wang Jianlin wealth should be able to reach 300 billion, the world’s top ten." In this year’s Hurun global rich list, the Wang Jianlin family has become the richest man in China, more than, ranking the world’s top twenty-first. Wang Jianlin’s only son, Wang Sicong, has a personal wealth of 6 billion.

Ma and his family wealth grew 41% to 205 billion, located at second. Ma Huateng 165 billion, up from 1 to third.

due to compete for Vanke equity and multiples of the big brother Yao Zhenhua is this year’s biggest dark horse". Its wealth grew by 8.2 times last year, reaching $115 billion, ranking from last year’s more than 200 rose to this year’s $fourth. Yao Zhenhua said: "the average wealth rose 2 billion per week," said Mr Hu Run."

ranked among the top five in the list last year, Lei Jun has dropped out of the top ten. According to the list of data, Lei Jun’s wealth has shrunk by 30% to 65 billion, ranked the top fourteenth.

‘s top ten richest Nanjing accounted for two

2016 on the Hurun list of female billionaires proportion 24%, significantly higher than last year’s 21% TV series "journey to the west" the monk who plays Chi Zhongrui’s lover, Hongkong Fuhua International Group Chairman Chen Lihua, to 50 billion 500 million yuan of wealth to become the richest woman in China.

Beijing is still the most entrepreneurs prefer to live in the city, the 322 list of companies living in Beijing, an increase of 43 over last year, Shenzhen is located in the second, the 195 place, an increase of 23 over last year. Shanghai is located in the first recommendation

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