How to grasp the needs of the guests to know these four points

what is the core of the food and beverage industry? Presumably this problem is known to everyone, of course, is that we have to help the people who eat every day – people. To say more restaurant business can not escape from the body, no need for small remind, smart people know how natural food, in order to win the favor of consumers, the Xiaobian ability key is nothing more than doing your best to meet consumer demand, this is like talking nonsense, how good in order to have a good grasp of consumer demand, this is the key point of proposition today. The needs of the guests is an invisible thing, but a lot of big restaurant know the importance to grasp customer needs, so the restaurant owner how to accurately grasp the needs of the guests? Generally, guests have the following requirements.

how to grasp the needs of the guests to know these four points

first, enjoy the restaurant environment

this is a basic requirement of the customer, the basic requirements of the restaurant environment is clean and tidy. Many wealthy boss restaurant layout is more complex, for the demanding environment design of restaurant, restaurant lights, decorations and environment collocation and other aspects of the problem, so the restaurant owner, according to their own set a reasonable restaurant, the restaurant environment, give customers a better environment to enjoy.

second, sensitive price

price this thing is a lot of people will care about, everyone in mind the ideal world with four words to describe: cheap. So how to set the price of the restaurant is a restaurant owner needs to seriously consider the issue, of course, there are a lot of price design skills, it is important how to make their own guests feel the price is worth it.

third, additional customer demand

customers came to the restaurant, in addition to eat delicious dishes, generally there will be a lot of invisible additional requirements, such as whether the restaurant offers free online, whether to provide free napkins, waiter talking and many other guests feel things, these things are in effect in the five-star guest feel, influence customer loyalty.

fourth, delicious dishes

this is the main problem is to grasp the tastes of the guests, each customer is different, the taste of love is not the same, so grasp the tastes of the guests is also very important, which requires the customer to pay attention to the guests, guests choose dishes and taste of love.

above is the customer needs of the four basic points, these points, although it is simple, but to be true

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