The first batch of 50 Taobao station Wanzai village start

in today’s society is a society of entrepreneurship, in a public venture this time, e-commerce business also became popular in Jiangxi recently, Wanzai 50 village Taobao station started, with a lot of business platform.

8 31, Jiangxi three province Wanzai County town village villagers in rural downtown station just opened Taobao services through online sales of agricultural products.

8 31, Wanzai County of Jiangxi province Alibaba Taobao Service Center opened in Wanzai in rural areas. The same day, the county’s Sanxing Town Village, goose Feng Xiang Dong Tian Cun, the first 50 village service station opened at the same time, which marks the county rural electricity supplier project officially entered the operational phase. In the future, the county villagers can directly purchase agricultural products online, online booking and so on, which makes the rural online shopping network sales more convenient, but also to provide a new platform for rural youth electricity supplier business.

Jiangxi Wanzai the first batch of 50 village station to start Taobao   provide new venture platform

8 31, "Taobao service station in rural village of Amoy partner Chen Ying in Jiangxi three province Wanzai County town village villagers to downtown to buy daily necessities.   Deng Longhua   photo

is a very meaningful thing to build such a rural e-commerce business platform, because it can help the rural electricity supplier entrepreneurs to provide a very good business opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


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