Health care products industry is money King good entrepreneurial direction

modern people’s awareness of health gradually strengthened, therefore, health care products to become the choice of many friends. With the improvement of the quality of life of Chinese people, more and more attention to health. In recent years, the health care market is popular, especially in the festive season, sales soared, money scene good entrepreneurial direction.

] [industry status quo of negative news did not obstruct the health development of the industry, even the global economic recession in 2011, health care products sales share accounted for $600 billion. As of the end of 2011, China has the approval of health food 11862, at the same time, health care products and health services industry is rapidly rising, output of up to 300 billion yuan, the scale after the United States, is expected to 2015 will overtake the us to become the world’s first, and by 2020, the total market will exceed 450 billion yuan.

] [profits of the health care industry is profitable, mainly including the following factors: first, the world population aging has become an increasingly serious problem. China’s 60 years of age and older people account for about 170 million of the total population of about 13% people, their demand to promote the development of China’s health care industry.

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