To open the noodle shop to join the five suggestions

is now doing what the industry is not so easy, the food industry is even more so. The noodle industry increasingly fierce competition, how to occupy a space for one person in the competition? By ending the previous opening experience, to provide some experience for everyone to open a noodle shop, hoping to help you avoid detours on the way to open a noodle shop, can be in the advantage in the competition.

first: store address is a very important step to open a noodle shop.

is the choice of the store address you want to target the crowd, you want to occupy the market. Therefore, the choice of the store is to combine the location of your noodle set. For example, you want to open an ordinary, simple noodle shop you open in the vicinity of the school is a very good choice.

second: noodle shop to make distinctive features.

Now the main feature is the

noodle taste the above characteristics, in fact the noodles itself characteristic has been ignored, nutrition color surface recently launched sun bus is established on the basis of the noodles taste characteristics, it is more important to people now on green food pursuit, is now a great progress of pasta also, we note. Noodle features not only from the taste, but also from many aspects, such as noodles themselves, services, as well as the environment.

third: noodle shop in the details can not be ignored.

, such as how to do during the peak of the meal to allow customers to eat first, not because of impatience and go away, do not let the customer complained that I came before him, but after he ate. It seems that the details of the details of your business is a great deal of business, so you have to be on the chef and waiter training, so that they have a very good cooperation.

fourth: noodle shop for good customer service.

the customer is always noodle Yisifumu, especially the old customers, they are not only lies in the long-term follow-up of consumption, the more important is that they can bring word of mouth for you, the number of old customers snowball, the market is more and more big, of course, your business will be more and more good.

fifth: to allow customers to feel the noodle shop "new".

The "new

" mainly from two aspects, one is the store launched a new taste, let the customer not to our noodle feel vexed, don’t always eat the same things; on the other hand is to introduce some preferential activities.

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