What is the most profitable investment industry in 2012

people who want to start a business venture are looking for an industry that can make money, so what are the good investments in 2012? Today the whole network Xiaobian to talk about what the most profitable industry investment in 2012.

1, catering

List the reasons:

money index: *****

2, new energy

new energy as an emerging industry, has important strategic significance in the aspects of energy conservation and environmental protection, and to foster the new point of economic growth has also brought a rare historical opportunity and a huge space for development. Accelerate the new energy development and innovation support, relying on scientific and technological innovation, improve the efficient use of clean energy, promote breakthroughs in key technologies and to promote industrialization, will be under the background of globalization, to lead the future of a new round of the arrival of the wave energy efficient path.

list of reasons: the energy wave hit the unstoppable

money index: ***

3, female supplies

the Jews in a few years ago has said that women and children make the best money, look at the market, which improve and protect the role of the product appearance of women, the figure, they will be welcome. This market seems never saturated, there will always be updated products and brands come out. Skin care products, clothing, jewelry are women’s favorite, then from this point of view, it should not be difficult to find their own way to make money.

list of reasons: most people will make money that can make money still wrong? Make money index: 9 yuan fashion women’s clothing for sale in the country for nearly 09 years, what is the name of the clothing of the ultra low supply of Korean women’s clothing, women love to make money fast woman to open a discount store is very profitable to make money on the 90 percent off! 90 percent off Sports and leisure apparel supply fashion apparel market tap is not a fire on fire of the bull market, especially in recent years, Korean fashion clothing trend triggered really let the market become more colorful and dazzling, and its design is more close to the public consumption and clever marketing of more classic! At present, the average annual growth rate of China’s Korean version of more than 17%, with a total sales of over one billion, the next two years will have a greater breakthrough, sales profit is expected to reach nearly $400 billion!

list of reasons: millions of market blowout situation first come first served


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