Stall selling jewelry these skills need to master

stall selling small adorn article is very good, although it is a small business, but also need to master certain skills. A lot of friends who want to sell the stall to sell small jewelry, stall selling small jewelry is a market. Put stall selling jewelry how to sell? Today, we will talk about some of the tricks of the stall.

: first purchase expensive. Do not understand the market, the cost becomes high.

in the same wholesale market, the same goods, but the price is not the same, so when you want to purchase must run more shops, ask the price to buy. Pay more attention to some wholesale market. Too formal wholesale market rent expensive, so things are more expensive. The price is very important.

should not be placed on the ground. Others want to squat down are lazy, really. Get a table or something. And then get a little bright, so people far away to see you


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