What is the impact of premium brand

changes in the weather, for the operation of the major retail stores will have a great influence, and once the weather improves, many shops will improve business. For now, as the weather turns cold, sales also showed a gradual upward trend. Cigarette sales growth, profits will increase, retail customer pressure is also reduced.

market demand increases, then, the phenomenon of premium sales? Yes, of course. No matter when, there are brands in the market in short supply. On the one hand, such a high degree of recognition of the brand market, on the one hand is caused by hunger marketing. Premium phenomenon is mostly reflected in the high price of cigarettes, for example, the retail price is 800 yuan / bar, and some retail customers to sell $900 / bar, and even 1000 yuan / bar. Most of these brands have hype factors in it, and no lasting vitality.

but this brand premium is only a temporary phenomenon, when the market rational return, the brand’s influence will decline. After all, high priced consumer groups are relatively special, the impact on ordinary retail customers is not large, it is dispensable, and even most of the retail stores simply sell high priced cigarettes.

is this kind of strong brand price so strong, good for consumers, can increase their choice of brands more benefits, which can enhance the brand visibility and reputation of the enterprise with the other, so as to enhance the brand awareness of the purpose.

What is the impact of

on premium brands? Retail customers Wang Min sharply: the impact is not large. Because the supply of this kind of brand itself is very small, the supply of a few cigarettes a month, remove smoke, sell very few. The same holds the same view of Wang’s retail customers are not a minority. The general retail stores, high priced cigarettes while tempting, but elusive; low-grade tobacco although the broad market, but supply is very small, it is Something is better than nothing.

for the general launch of the brand is concerned, can adhere to the retail price of the sale is good. In the market, the highest degree of recognition of retail customers, but also the loudest is that we can work together to adhere to the retail price of retail guidance". This is their reasonable demands, but also need to do a good job of supervision of commercial enterprises, for them to create a good market environment and marketing environment.

don’t think these premium brands, a retail store can earn more profit, in fact, if a retail customer will understand, the retail price has great influence on the cigarette business, which requires the tobacco companies’s marketing staff to do meticulous work, cogent "where consumers, where we will go the idea of implement, change from" sell "to" pull ", to" keep "good retail price, for retail customers profit.

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