To open a dry cleaning franchise notes

we all have a dream, also want to fight for the dream, franchise shop is perhaps a good choice to open a dry cleaning franchise should pay attention to what matters, fast and small series with a look.

one: first choose a good location for dry cleaning is a convenient service, the average consumption level of the existing point of view, there are still a few people in the car.

location is a key factor to determine the position of the staff is to purchase, also known as the consumption capacity, some high-end residential, or business district, school, these places for some spending power, or is not convenient in their own laundry. To choose the location of this standard, estimate the size of the region, according to their own strength to do investment budget, it can be regarded as the first step out of the shop.

there is xijingdu problem, basically in the new dry cleaning oil condition is similar, but the difference is that after the three cage clothes, no filter or filter effect is not good, basically behind will not dare to wash, to the distillation (the number of waste water and electricity.). At this time there is a good filter can basically ensure that you can wash 8 car clothes, but also to ensure the quality of washing.

is three points: corrosion resistance, stability, cleanliness and energy saving now to think about if you bought a poor dry cleaning machine, such as washing clothes for others is bad, do not wash the net, or every two or three days problems, or water and electricity cost greatly. It can be imagined that even if you have a good position, there is no use.

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