Love will break the first meeting of the Tianjin college students entrepreneurship alliance held sm

at present, China’s colleges and universities are in a variety of forms to comprehensively promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education, encourage and support students to participate in entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities in Tianjin in the form of cooperation to provide professional services for young students to start business.

"love break" Tianjin City University Entrepreneurship association is a non-profit student union, organized by the Tianjin University Entrepreneurship class student association is composed of voluntary, entrepreneurial students associations with entrepreneurial guidance, services, consulting, training and other work for the main business scope. Tianjin Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League school alliance to accept the guidance of the Ministry, the alliance Secretariat is located in Tianjin City Federation secretariat. The Union’s purpose is to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Tianjin University Entrepreneurship associations, to promote and support the community as the starting point of College Students’ entrepreneurship, together to create a service in the youth student entrepreneurship cooperation platform to attract interested entrepreneurs unite the majority of the young students.

platform for all kinds of outstanding entrepreneurial resources together after optimization to give entrepreneurs the most reasonable allocation. The power of the collective is infinite, I believe in the majority of students to promote the common goal of College entrepreneurship alliance will continue to grow, driving the development of College students.

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