How to carry out promotional activities in the shop floor

different times, the store will be taken by way of operation will be different, and in the current era of entrepreneurship, promotion has become the way every shop will be used. The so-called promotion is the use of sales concessions to attract the attention of the guests, so that guests are affected by small profits, but also to the store to provide the possibility of other goods to be bought. This is a very common way of sales, many businesses will play promotional brand, in order to attract customers.

of course, for the promotion of the method if people miss the point, use the means of being It is quite common for, completely clear, will lose the original meaning into something too vulgar to be endured. Many people look at the "20 percent off, 10 percent off" brand and indifferent is the reason. Because discounts are sometimes invisible concessions, only the "fold", rather than the real thing or money.

moreover, for the guests, he did not know how much of the price before you bid for the water, the original price increase, and then discount to fold into the original price, which is the sale of all. Do not store than the mall brand monopoly, each brand of each section are set a good price, consumers can see very clearly, as long as the comparison in discount business, buy the lowest current can, by contrast, the stability of consumers for shop commodity prices do not have much confidence. As a result, in the face of store discount signs, it will not catch a cold.

lottery, how much to buy back the number of visible benefits of promotion, consumers have concerns. For the lottery, many businesses set prizes are unsalable goods or crudely made things, which allow consumers to heat only at first, later also feel boring, who will leave those little things not worth it?

and full fanquan more people spend means, like back over 100 yuan 30 yuan, as businesses are usually 99 yuan, 199 yuan the price of the goods, buy one from the one hundred point difference, buy two and from the two hundred point difference, in order to offer some the customer will pay, constantly imperceptibly. Such a natural way to make consumers feel very sad.

as a store in the floor, we need to put their own advantages placed on the guests can see the place, such as the following methods.


The so-called

434g64mn to really make people scared to it, there is a small shop dedicated to a shocking special, full of some 10 yuan, even 1 yuan there, and shop goods prices from 50 yuan, 60 yuan to 1000 yuan, 10 yuan less than the absolute people the expected price is much lower, solid is 925.

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