nvestment advisers to share with you the small shop venture win 8 strokes

for many entrepreneurs, may not have too much money in the early stages, therefore, in the entrepreneurial choice of the project, the project will be interested in those small shops. So, what are the small shop success cheats do?

1. business site selection, is the most important factor in the success of the mini store, choose as far as possible to have people places, such as a collection of stores, night market, downtown;

2. choice of products with small size, high margin, selling goods;

3. types of goods without many, is mainly on goods that are unique, so only

4. as a selling point; the commodity attribute of selected locations, store rent according to the whole lot level, strictly control the cost of rent;

5. District effective Business Hours, usually Business Hours can be elongated, profit can be higher;

6. is due to the mini shop that customer is a glimpse of the whole store merchandise is very important;

7. mini small shop area, store style determines the customer first An impression of the same color collocation, or service personnel clothing consistency, these small details are left to  

8.; by doing business space, open Mini shops, can get into the industry, to fashion accessories. If you want to do catering category, of course, to take away the goods to supplement.

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