QQ the originator of Ma Huateng’s brilliant career

QQ is probably the most widely used a kind of chat tool bar, then we must also founder Ma Huateng it is not strange, Ma Huateng exactly how the QQ God’s favored one do so well, let us together today to explore what the secret of Ma Huateng’s success.

1997, the first contact Ma Huateng ICQ, is its unique charm, registered using a stage after they found because ICQ had two of which weaknesses: one for the English China user interface, the user is not easy for the promotion of Chinese; two for operation requires the use of technology is quite difficult, so ICQ in Chinese slightly broad, but not always popular, mostly confined to the " bug " master level. So, when he thought about entrepreneurship in 1998, he and his partners decided to develop a Chinese ICQ software. In November 1998, Ma Huateng and his classmate, Zhang Zhidong, registered Tencent Inc. Their original idea was to link the paging with the network to develop a wireless paging system.

gold in the emerging Internet market, is a hard work. At that time, the company’s main business is more than a dozen small companies for Shenzhen Telecom, Shenzhen Unicom and some paging stations to do the project, QQ is only a subsidiary of the company. The company often pulled to a project, but also time to avoid exposed. In order to give customers left a strong impression, then Ma Huateng never name card printing " general manager of " the title, but only printed with " " engineers; words — in Shenzhen, such as Tencent, there are hundreds, Ma Huateng was expected, the company just to survive.

with other entrepreneurs just started Internet Co, capital and technology is the biggest problem Tencent. ": first, lack of funds, funds with the software can not keep up. " at the beginning of 1999, the Tencent developed the first " " ICQ, China flavor; Tencent " QQ", the number of registered users are welcome, but, within a very short time, it increased to tens of thousands of people. The increase in the number of servers will continue to expand, and then one thousand or two thousand yuan server hosting fees for the company are overwhelmed. " we can only go around to rub someone else’s server, the beginning is just an ordinary PC machine, placed in the room with a wide range of conditions, and then secretly into the program to run the other server. "

" at that time feel can not afford to sell it, " Ma Huateng mention the situation was very happy to laugh: " but when we sell QQ trouble. I talk to a lot of ICP content, they all require exclusive buyout. " this makes the QQ software would like to sell more than a few companies to make money Ma Huateng very hesitant. The most recommended

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