Jinhua Wensu County youth entrepreneurship contest

is now in the society, entrepreneurship competition organized by frequency is very frequent, at the same time, some entrepreneurship contest held throughout the activity has also attracted a lot of people to participate, especially some young entrepreneurs.

through leadership, organization of pre publicity, guidance and other preparatory work, the contest attracted a total of more than and 30 individuals and enterprises to participate in. In line with the principles of fairness and justice, to invite experts to Wensu County Division organizing committee set up a review group, to all competitors business plans, PPT files and other content from venture novel, social reputation degree, absorbing three aspects of employment evaluation.

by expert group evaluation, the final Wensu County Ulu Geya agricultural science and technology service cooperatives and other 3 enterprises and 7 entrepreneurial talent shows itself won the one or two, respectively, third-prize, and recommended 8 people to participate in regional organizations entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals.


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