Fishing company named case introduction

want to open a business hot fishing gear company, not only need to have a good product, quality service, but also need to have a good name, can attract more consumers. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a fishing gear company named case, so as to give investors a reference.

hang idle three feet, fishing gear store

note: 1, in the name of "vertical idle" two words from the homonym for "vertical" (anglers during fishing line movement) drew in pronunciation in harmonic "vertical three feet" is reminiscent of the fishing scene;

2, vertical free three feet "and" drool with envy ", homophonic idioms read catchy, not a mouthful, also to others this space;

3, the "vertical" idle "free" word is emphasized is "fun fishing in the fish, but fishing" leisurely realm; two is for the majority of people now live and work pressure increasing, restlessness to decompression situation, emphasizes the "fishing" process to realize life a peaceful and relaxed attitude, excluding gains and losses, to induce the audience of this interest for fishing purposes; to "three foot" to quantify the "vertical idle", give birth to a more grammatical effect.

although it is said that any name to the company has the relevant methods and principles, however, many entrepreneurs still have too much trouble for the name of the work. So, there is a small series of such a name of the case, if you want to give the name of the fishing gear company, know how to do it?

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