The great gathering of emperor penguins is a spectacle

cute penguins love everyone, when a large Penguin meeting will be what kind of spectacular? Recently, there have been around about 200000 penguins in the Atlantic, the meeting will see the netizens exclaimed too spectacular! So, what is the big gathering of emperor penguins?


from the photographer to take the photos, look is packed full of penguins, looked very shocked, but they are all around the ultra cold ice, photographer Roice said he is excited to see such a scene, because the Penguin Party ten rare phenomenon.

20 Duowandi Penguin Party, with spectacular scenes. Recently, it is estimated that 150 thousand to 250 thousand of the mother and father penguins are gathering in their habitat in southern the Atlantic, Georgia Island, heating each other to protect the newborn chicks. Roie , a photographer in Tel Aviv, Israel, Galitz took this stunning photo.


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