Hebei province returned entrepreneurs enjoy urban housing security education

return home entrepreneurship policy has been implemented for some time, and made initial progress. Recently, Hebei Province issued opinions supporting migrant workers and other personnel returning home business, entrepreneurs can enjoy a number of policy support, including urban housing security.

provides the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan venture secured loans, and urban workers enjoy the same social insurance benefits…… Hebei provincial government office recently issued on the support of migrant workers and other personnel to return home for the implementation of the opinions (hereinafter referred to as opinion) to support migrant workers, college students and retired soldiers and other personnel to return home venture.

"opinions" put forward, the implementation of the registered capital registration system reform, to encourage support for migrant workers returning entrepreneurship and innovation, stimulate the vitality of the market township (town). Simplify the entrepreneurial residence (business premises) registration, allowing a multi site according to the registration".

is the founder of Small and micro businesses reduce costs drop negative. The establishment of evaluation mechanism evaluation Small and micro businesses to reduce costs, encourage conditional counties (city, district) the implementation of the "zero fee", the maximum for migrant workers returning entrepreneurship to reduce the burden, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, improve entrepreneurial vitality.

can obtain the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan loan guarantee business

"opinions" put forward, to actively implement the employment support policies, to have the entrepreneurial requirements, have a certain business conditions but lack of venture capital of migrant workers returning home for business and other personnel, to provide the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan business loans, loan interest rate based on the floating base in less than 3 percentage points, given by the financial discount.

of migrant workers and other personnel returning established businesses, recruit staff with employment difficulties, college graduates graduation year, given the social insurance subsidies in accordance with the provisions of. In line with the conditions of employment difficulties, engaged in flexible employment, to give certain social insurance subsidies. By the industrial and commercial registration of network business practitioners, the same as the employment and entrepreneurship support policies. Without the registration of industrial and commercial network practitioners, can be identified as flexible employment, equal access to flexible employment support policies.

to provide housing and education guarantee for home business employment, will meet the conditions of return recommended

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