Open jewelry store to pay attention to details

jewelry demand, profit space is vast, open jewelry store is also a lot of people’s ideas. So, how entrepreneurs in the fierce competition out of a road? Open jewelry stores, we must learn to pay attention to detail, to seize the details of consumers to create more profits.

1: how to locate the target market

the target consumer group: individuality jewelry store consumer group positioning in the female consumers, urban fashion girl, occupation female, female students are the main consumer group.   jewelry category can include: plush toys, bracelets, mobile phone accessories, cosmetics tools, headwear, jewelry, wallets, etc..

2: jewelry consumer psychology

1. will not go out to buy a small piece of jewelry, but once go out, it will not easily let go of any jewelry sales place. 2 sometimes buy and not buy is not important, often holding a look at the psychological. "Look" is a very interesting behavior. 3 to friends or family to buy gifts, jewelry stores are preferred. 4 exquisite small adorn article, has the collection value, the different jewelry rotation use may manifest their small interest, the clothing small change. 5 irrational consumption: sometimes just want to stroll, once you can not control the like, especially the following 10 yuan jewelry.

3: jewelry store how to choose

location for jewelry stores, to maximize access to more customers, location is very important. Here are some principles of site selection. 1 traffic is the most important: bustling streets, downtown, public station next to consider. 2 with the help of well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc.. 3 using the "cluster" effect: if the jewelry stores products have obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local. 4 choose the "low density" area: if the jewelry stores are no obvious characteristics or business experience is not rich enough, the opponent may avoid competition, choose jewelry stores "low density" coverage of the place.

4: jewelry shop how to decorate

1. shop: to reflect the feminine feeling, to create a soft and delicate atmosphere of women, it is best to have light, music.

2. shop: to eye-catching, visual impact, attractive, so that consumers at first glance.

3. Name: novel, close to consumers, and the overall style of the decoration.   >

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