The calculator ten brand list the whole

as a good tool for computing, calculators have been very high popularity, the market demand is very large, and in the power of science and technology, the birth of the calculator brand is constantly increasing. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of calculators, so as to help you can choose the right calculator products.

calculator ten brand rankings, CASIO NO.1 Casio, founded in 1957 in Japan, a large multinational group, world famous brand, electronic dictionary, electronic dictionary ten brands, CASIO (Chinese) Trading Co. ltd..

calculator ten brands list NO.2, SHARP SHARP: started in 1912 in Japan, a large integrated electronic information company, the world’s leading high-end LCD imaging brand, SHARP business (China) Co., ltd..

calculator ten brands list NO.3, TI TI: in 1930 the United States, the world’s largest analog circuit technology components manufacturers, the world’s leading semiconductor multinational company, the United States TI.

calculator ten brands list NO.4, Canon Canon: founded in 1937, Japan, the world’s leading producer of imaging and information products of the integrated group, fortune global top 500 companies, Canon (China) Co., ltd..

calculator ten brands list NO.5, Li Li TRULY:1978 founded in Hongkong, Hong Kong listed companies, R & D, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, letter Lee Industrial (Shanwei) Co., ltd..

calculator ten brands list NO.6, HP HP: founded in 1939, the United States, the world’s fortune 500 companies, the world’s top brands, the industry leader brand, multinational large enterprises, HP (China) Co., ltd..

calculator ten brand ranking NO.7, United COMIX: national trademark protection, one of the most valuable brand Chinese stationery, office stationery professional manufacturer and supplier, Shenzhen Comix stationery Limited by Share Ltd.

calculator ten brands list, NO.8 SUNWOOD Miki: in 1990, national trademark protection, Zhejiang famous trademarks, brand-name products in Zhejiang, the ten major stationery brand, industry well-known brands, Miki Group Holdings limited.

calculator ten brand rankings: NO.9, Kuailingtong calculator market mainstream brand, production and sales of /LED lighting calculator / electronic dictionary of Sino foreign joint ventures, Dongguan Kuailingtong Cassini electronic.

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