How to manage the national jewelry chain store

jewelry store business philosophy has a lot of different store operators in accordance with the characteristics of the store and market conditions to develop a unique business plan, it can be scientific and correct operation. If you are running a national jewelry chain, then choose what management more effective?

to carry on the effective management of personnel, management personnel should start from their own, as a manager, the first to master the skills of communication skills and product knowledge of all sales business process, and then to the store and make an example of training, the salesperson should be selected from the source, the basic requirements of the recruitment is a good character outgoing personality, good learning, self-motivated, strong sense of responsibility, good image, which is the most important, the experience can learn, then there must be a month probationary period, according to the requirements of trial qualified official posts, probation salary is lower than the official salary, salary system to encourage strong basic salary to the middle level to the high commission to.

and then to improve the rules and regulations of the store management, such as goods damage and loss management regulations, the daily work flow, work discipline and other aspects, to improve the reward system of rewards to heavy penalties. Every day there is a morale boost (such as shouting slogans or gymnastics), forming a good atmosphere. Usually continue to shop staff training, and accessories related.

the above suggestions for reference, many national jewelry chain franchisee business experience is insufficient, only by constantly learning others operate successfully and use them to try to know the suitable for their own use, if you want to have more business methods then quickly learn to!

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