How to do a good job in the promotion of fast food franchise

fast food stores, also need to do a good job of publicity. Many franchisees are not very focused on the promotion work, or can not find a better way to do all the appropriate publicity work, this issue needs attention. Shops need to do publicity work, improve the exposure, it is possible to attract more people’s attention.

1. advertising marketing

this is the food and beverage industry commonly used marketing means, through a certain kind of media, to catering to the public or potential customers to promote or marketing tools. Opening up to make full use of good advertising marketing, in the early opening of the use of a month’s time in the major media publicity, while clear during the opening of the promotions, better to attract consumers.

2. Internet advertising

now, with the popularity of the Internet and the popularity of Internet advertising has become a means of food marketing. Such methods are less investment, spread wide, not limited by time and space. Many fast food stores are in a legendary fire users, as a present. China’s catering industry more integration with the Internet, a variety of takeaway orders and Internet advertising greatly exceeds the traditional media channels. Micro-blog, WeChat and other Internet tools can not only save costs but also more effective publicity.

3. TV ad

is characterized by fast transmission, wide range, so that the audience impressed, strong appeal. But there are also high cost, fleeting features. TV ratings climax in prime time, but after the prime time commercials on television, not every store can afford, so the general fast food franchise is not suitable for television advertising channels.

4. internal promotional materials

today, many businesses will print some commodity information with a single page, shown in the customer visit. There are also placed in front of the store or elevator for people to pass the boring time but also to expand the impact of goods. This single page cost is small, easy to carry, readable. There are only regional restrictions, there are limitations. However, the higher the target customer groups can effectively bring us effective customers, so as an operator must effectively use.

how to open a fast food franchise promotion work? Experience sharing are some practical strategies, hope you can help, the franchisee can also carry out a number of promotional methods, to achieve better effect, gain more popularity, hurry to learn it, not to be missed.

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