Several promising projects in rural areas

a lot of people I know are out in the countryside, they feel not what resources in Underdeveloped Rural stay there is only facing the Loess back into the air, but now the times have changed, the rural is no longer what it was the impression of people, has become a very promising treasure, today we bring in several the promising project for reference.

rural entrepreneurship a good idea: farmers farming

farmers engaged in farming has been optimistic about the industry, for the people, keeping a simple and low cost, less food, high economic benefit of breeding, is promising. Si Ma rabbit, tender meat, delicious taste, high nutritional value, a product of rabbit market price sold two hundred yuan at present, it is loved by many consumers, the hotel and catering industry, meat processing industry’s growing demand, the market shortage.

Si Ma rabbit breeding disease, easy management, low investment, easy to feed, the elderly and infirm can be raised, not only can intensive production, or small scale farming, it can be said that any country family has such culture conditions, so the breeding has a better development in the rural areas.

rural entrepreneurship good idea two: characteristics of housing design

now began to change in the rural, old buildings, old houses gradually disappear, the farmers pay more attention to the living environment, improve the living conditions, many people are willing to build houses, if you understand the knowledge of construction, you can develop such a good business in rural areas, the housing construction project. Carry out the housing design etc..

layout, suitable for the local characteristics of the architectural style, to guide farmers to adjust measures to local conditions, local materials, select the appropriate decoration, so that not only saves the construction cost, and the design of the house is beautiful. In the rural areas to carry out such business, from design to construction are responsible, the market prospects will be very good.

rural entrepreneurship good idea three: green greenhouse planting

we now know the health consciousness of people is more and more strong, green planting will be favored by the market, the rural market has a lot of land space, suitable for carrying out green planting, and the market demand for organic vegetables will never stop, even more and more optimistic. Rural people away from home, leaving a lot of land resources, which provides a better opportunity from one side.

if you have the mind can rent down, carry out greenhouse cultivation, organic green no pesticides, no chemical residue, only the growth of manure, this plant is the most healthy, and you can show your entire video green pollution-free agricultural products, so rest assured agricultural products industry, not only by the social support also, promising at present, green organic agricultural products recommended

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