Master graduates Wang Zhi run errands run out of a wonderful life

run a family run company, which I am afraid that many entrepreneurs have not thought about the business opportunities, but in the current market is actually a very large market demand, with good prospects for development. This is the protagonist of this is the case, although graduate students, but chose to open such a running company, so that life becomes more exciting.

Wang is a Wuhan run errands "specifically for work of the company, the master of Wuhan Institute of Technology graduate Wang Zhi began to enter the market when reading from the name"". 5 years, Xiao Wang running has already had more than and 20 small partners, agents of various types of documents, on behalf of the delivery of documents, gifts, and even sent to take away, all errands, nothing.

running is almost zero cost thing, do not worry about losing money." Turning to the original intention of entrepreneurship, Wang Zhi said that when he did not graduate much money, think of the need for the cost of running errands, and three small partners act up. Run after the opening, Wang Zhichang to the sweetness of the graduation season, when more than a month can receive 20 single, at least earn $three thousand or four thousand."

compared to the market generally express, takeaway and intermediary industry, Wang Zhi think their business has a unique advantage. "As long as the customer requests, we can do it immediately, and is a one to one service".

working in Beijing Miss Tian quite feel that she had to study in Wuhan in March this year, when the passport, found the need to go to the place of residence, Wuhan, by the residence booklet". There is no time to run a trip to miss Tian found a little Wang errands". "In order to ensure reliable, I will ‘Wang errands’ micro-blog have turned over, see them are graduate students, rest assured." Miss Tian said. In the "Wang errands" certification micro-blog, Wang Zhi will be a simple story of each single business.

thought a few days to run the booklet lent second days sent to Beijing, Miss Tian was said: "the 180 yuan fee to run errands, if I run a trip to Wuhan, and high-speed rail should be around one thousand."

"Wang errands" members, some in the University, some in other companies have a formal job, education is not low – Wang Zhi recruit, the lowest undergraduate start. "Running the threshold is relatively low, we want to build a high quality running team, do the industry elite." Wang Zhi said, because the errands services is an emerging industry, the market has no relevant norms, a large number of errands companies within the industry caused by the influx of many customers will not dragons and fishes jumbled together, important affairs entrusted to the company to run errands for.

, the customer directly to the documents sent to us, to tell us the privacy, and even some customers give us the keys to the house, we must do our best to do things to be worthy of the trust of others." Team partner

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